I’m a small-town girl living life in leggings and rocking braids whenever I don’t have to be somewhere extra-extravagant. I have a love for cooking, Netflix-ing, and snuggling with my little family. In my spare time I love working on house projects. My husband and I are the 3rd generation Eide's to live on the Eide Farm. It has become our very own “Chip & Jo” Farmhouse Flip.

I started my photography journey shortly after my own wedding. I was so inspired by the style and character of the photographer that my husband and I had at our wedding. That and my love for putting beautiful things in place helped ignite my craft.

Fun Fact: My Dad was the second shooter during my first wedding season. He was a photographer back when he was my age and my mom used to work at a local photo editing and print company. You can for sure say the art of photography is in my blood.

Take a look around! I hope you find something you love as I can’t wait to connect with you and your lover!

"God creates the beauty. My camera and I are the witness."

—Mark Denman